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Are you managing an organization but need help strengthening systems and programs? 
Do you need an external evaluator to assess your systems? 
Is it time for a new strategic plan?

Christy Honigman and Associates can help your nonprofit organization achieve excellence in volunteer engagement, strategic planning, organizational assessment, and development. Our approach centers on organizational decision-making. That means we help board members, staff, and key stakeholders identify issues and develop solutions.

An organization must be healthy to be successful in the long term, and we want you to have the foundation and infrastructure for that success. We offer customized services that will enhance the effectiveness and increase the capacity of your organization. Our training, facilitation, coaching and consulting services will:

  • Help you develop realistic and comprehensive strategic plans
  • Increase the effectiveness of your board of directors
  • Create a culture of volunteer engagement
  • Build organizational capacity, through collaborative volunteer engagement, beyond what staff alone can accomplish
  • Improve your programs and services delivery
  • Give you the tools and skills needed to help your organization succeed
  • Effectively position your organization to meet the challenges of a changing world

Christy Honigman and Associates can craft your nonprofit into a well-wrought organization through our experience in:

Strategic Planning >

Program Development >

Program Evaluation >

Professional Training and Development >

Executive and Staff Searches >

Executive and Board Coaching >

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Strategic Planning

Are you creating a new organization? Does your organization want to define its purpose and know how to best fulfill its mission? The process of strategic planning provides the best opportunity to analyze your overall situation, and build an effective plan to help you succeed.

Creating a solid organizational vision and plan for the future is an essential step for molding a successful enterprise. Christy Honigman and Associates helps strengthen organizations by examining their planning needs and identifying areas that require attention. We will conduct effective strategic and program planning to ensure a focused mission, stimulating vision, and strategies to turn your objectives into realities. Our strategic planning and facilitation services include:

  • Developing and facilitating planning, staff, and board retreats
  • Assisting with the development of a strategic planning process
  • Creating missions and vision statements
  • Developing and implementing needs assessments
  • Interviewing stakeholders and conducting focus groups
  • Assisting in developing goals and objectives

Our strategic planning emphasizes the process in addition to the end product. This process is essential for a new organization, and can help get an existing organization back on track.

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Program Development

To meet your organization’s missions and goals, you need effective programs. Our program development services include:

  • Conducting “best practice” research to identify proven or promising programs in your field
  • Modifying existing programs or curricula to meet the unique of your community or clientele
  • Developing new programs or curricula based on effective strategies and up-to-the-minute research on relevant topics
  • Field testing programs to be sure they work as well in practice as in theory

We work closely with you to provide useful information in a timely manner so that you can adjust programs and services accordingly.

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Program Evaluation

Can you demonstrate the impact your organization has had on society? Have you really made a difference? Do you view “evaluation” as a distracting, pointless requirement of your funders?

It is no longer enough to simply state that you are doing a great job. Funders are increasingly asking for proof. Organizations that have a well-articulated mission, that is understood by all stakeholders, achieve better results. Does your organization achieve that purpose?

We have extensive experience evaluating the programs and policies of nonprofit organizations. Done well, evaluating your programs or policies can be much more than an onerous accountability requirement. We can help you measure the results of your work, whether it is a single program or your organization as a whole. Our evaluation services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Process and implementation evaluations
  • Impact and outcome evaluations
  • Cost – benefit studies

We can design “performance scorecards” that will be qualitatively and quantitatively on point and persuasive. We will show you how to analyze the results, display them convincingly, and communicate them effectively in your reports and fundraising materials.

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Professional Training and Development

Need to bring your staff up to speed on a certain topic? Want to know how to collect, manage, and report realistic outcome measures for your programs?

Training is simply knowledge-sharing. Christy Honigman and Associated incorporates sound research and applied experience to design and implement innovative, interactive, and exciting training opportunities for staff, groups, or conferences. We bring together new ideas and hands-on experience.

We can develop tailored training programs to meet your organization’s needs. Our trainings use a variety of techniques to maximize different learning styles. Our services include:

  • One-on-one or group training
  • On-site training and distance learning opportunities
  • Development of customized, multi-format training materials

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Executive and Staff Searches

Recruiting high-quality executive and management staff can be complex and time-consuming. On-target hiring decisions will reduce staff turnover, thus lowering hiring costs and increasing productivity. We work with staff and board members to hire top executive directors, development directors, and management staff. We can:

  • Determine what skills and attributes you require in the position
  • Locate top-quality candidates
  • Draft and distribute job descriptions and advertisements
  • Review resumes and references
  • Assist with the interview process
  • Perform preliminary interview screening
  • Check references

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Executive and Board Coaching

We offer effective, friendly coaching for your staff and board. Leadership positions are always demanding and often isolating. We can help to break down barriers and invigorate your organization. As coaches we act as:

  • Consultants – we bring vast experience in the nonprofit realm
  • Mentors – we help clients acquire valuable skills and solve vexing problems. We act as guides, asking questions to help clarify goals and develop plans of action.
  • Supporters – we offer a helping hand and a sympathetic ear. We provide coaching on a regular basis or as needed, in phone conversations or in-person sessions.

Our coaching services are designed for executive directors, development directors, board presidents, committee chairs, and others in positions of leadership.

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