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Christy Honigman and Associates has a clear understanding of the philanthropic challenges faced by education, healthcare, arts and culture, and environmental organizations. We work with our clients to strengthen their fundraising programs, plan and implement capital campaigns, and use leading-edge analytics to increase overall charitable giving results.

Our firm empowers mission-driven people to realize their organizational and fundraising goals. Simply put, we have the tools to help you succeed. More than counsel, we offer a unique blend of marketing savvy, nonprofit know-how, and extensive fundraising expertise to help you realize even the most ambitious targets and goals.

We believe that fundraising is a very specialized endeavor, and that our value as a partner goes far beyond the services we provide. We have the critical experience necessary to help guide our clients so they can profit from our expert advice. Services include:

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Fundraising Program Assessment

No matter where your fundraising program is, whether it is new or mature, an outside evaluation can help your organization be more effective in its fundraising plan. Using a systematic and inclusive approach, we assess the effectiveness of overall management functions and programs, suggesting areas for improvement and developing action plans. We will help you identify benchmarks, determine measurable outcomes, and design a manageable process for ongoing assessment. We carry out a thorough analysis and provide direction on fundraising strategies and systems, staffing, volunteer organization and responsibilities, and information systems.

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Annual Fund

The annual fund is the building block for all fundraising. It serves to establish a base of donors that can serve as an effective device to involve, inform, and bond a constituency to the organization. It can further serve as an instrument that compels accountability to the cause the organization is serving. When it comes to successfully conducting your annual fundraising campaign, you need an attainable goal, a plan for getting to that goal and the tools to execute that plan.

Organizations with structured annual fund plans typically raise more money than those that approach fundraising without any defined strategy for success. We are prepared to assist your organization in creating a 3-5 year annual fund plan that clearly defines your fundraising objectives, develops carefully planned strategies for achieving those goals, and results in delineated benchmarks to ensure that your organization is effectively executing its plan. This service includes:

  • Assisting the organization with an assessment of current and future financial needs, including a review of annual revenue streams such as funds secured through earned income, fundraising strategies, and other methods
  • Reviewing the organization's recent fundraising history and current fundraising strategies, including special events, direct mail, grant writing, planned giving, major gift solicitation, and board solicitation
  • Developing written 3-5 year annual fund plan that clearly outlines fundraising objectives for the defined timeframe
  • Assisting with the identification of potential donor constituencies, and developing strategies to reach those groups
  • Identifying "best practices" in regard to mailing programs, special event fundraising, and grant writing
  • Assessing current board leadership, and assisting with identification and recruitment of future board members
  • Training of staff for effective board solicitation
  • Training of board leadership for their role in the fundraising process
  • Developing benchmarks to determine the success of the defined fundraising program
  • Assisting with the development of donor recognition vehicles to heighten donor interest in supporting the organization

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It’s more than grant seeking and proposal writing – it’s about those you help every day. And what they need. We provide a range of grant writing services from one-time two-hour consultations, to one-time proofreading of a grant proposal you wrote, all the way to providing clients with their entire grant writing program.

A full grant program provides the following services and consultation:

  • Prospecting for funding possibilities such as foundations, businesses, community groups, and other options
  • Completing each step of the grant proposal writing process (from research, to proposal draft, to Letter of Inquiry, to full grant proposals) while following each specific foundation’s guidelines
  • Reporting grant spending and program updates after a grant is received
  • Guidance on how to foster a relationship with a potential/established grant donor
  • Final grant reporting
  • Reapplying to past grantors, as appropriate

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Feasibility Studies

Good advice may be most valuable before a fundraising process even begins. Our pre-campaign feasibility study provides a thorough analysis of an organization’s capability to launch a significant fundraising effort. This assessment is an essential first step. It identifies a nonprofit’s strengths and weaknesses, examines the prospective fundraising base and recommends strategies to make an organization campaign-ready.

Through interviews with board members, leading donors, prospective donors, opinion leaders and key staff members, our team validates each organization’s needs and sets realistic goals. The Feasibility Study provides invaluable information about leadership, projected levels of support, and key audiences to target for a campaign.

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Based on the Feasibility Study recommendations and other factors, our firm guides an organization through a seamless transition to the formal campaign. We provide the following services encompassing the design, implementation, and coordination of an effective fundraising campaign:

  • Directing all formative campaign steps, including the establishment of programmatic and leadership structures as well as operating strategies;
  • Development of appropriate campaign themes, materials and brochures;
  • Preparation of communication and donor recognition policies and plans;
  • Development and monitoring of a Master Plan, campaign timetables and periodic action plans;
  • Creation and implementation of donor cultivation and outreach strategies;
  • Participation with the organization's leadership and professional staff in obtaining financial commitments from prospective donors.

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Fundraising Training

Effective training for the board of directors and staff keeps an organization on the leading edge of quality service. Our unique approach trains boards of directors, staff and volunteers to solicit funds enthusiastically, effectively, and without fear. We combine our passion and "can-do" attitude with practical and straightforward methods. Our interactive sessions draw on our combined experience working in the nonprofit sector variously as staff, executive directors, board members and consultants. Our insightful facilitation skills are joined with proven adult learning techniques. Professional materials tailored to your organization’s specific needs are included with each training. We have trained hundreds of individuals in the art and science of fundraising and board development.

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