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Scores of nonprofits send their staff to Christy Honigman and Associates training programs to get the right knowledge and skills needed for success on topics that range from fundraising, financial management and strategic planning to board development and organizational capacity building.

As a trainer, Honigman and her team are known for their dynamic and interactive style, practical experience and hands-on exercises.  All workshops typically run 3-5 hours and can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.  Fees vary depending on travel expenses and the scope of the workshop.

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Fundraising Workshops

Introduction to Fundraising Planning

Reduce your crisis fundraising through proper planning. This interactive workshop will help guide participants through the entire fundraising process, helping you to identify appropriate strategies, design and implement a plan, monitor their progress, and make changes or modifications necessary to ensure success. This workshop is an introduction to the fundraising process for those new to the sector, or newly responsible for setting their agency’s fundraising goals. Great for board members too!

Fundraising During Organizational Transitions

Turnover in Senior Executive positions has become an epidemic with an average CEO tenure of under 4 years.  Leadership turnover creates significant challenges for fundraising staff. This interactive workshop, which includes interview results with many of Colorado’s largest foundations, focuses on: keeping fund raising moving forward during a leadership transition, and your unique role with funders, stakeholders, and the Board. At the conclusion of this session, you will: have an understanding of how to keep fundraising moving forward during an organizational transition, acquire basic knowledge about the transition process, and attain tips for maintaining a healthy attitude during a transition.

Comprehensive Fundraising Campaigns

Considering launching a planned giving program or a capital campaign? Wondering what the impact will be on your annual giving and program support? Can’t figure out how to make it all work together? This workshop will provide practical tips from experienced development professionals who understand what you’re going through, and will teach attendees the components of a comprehensive campaign, it’s advantages and disadvantages, and the board and staff support necessary for a successful outcome. We’ll discuss: how to identify basic strategies and components of a comprehensive campaign, how to continue your annual giving support while doing a capital campaign, and identify the qualities required for board and staff support for a successful outcome.

Annual Fund

The annual fund is the foundation of your nonprofit organization’s development programs. Replicable annual dollars provide the underpinnings of financial stability. This workshop will help you bring strategic professional planning and execution to your annual fundraising efforts. Participants will learn how to evaluate the potential vs. actual annual giving performance of each segment of their constituency, and how to create a multi-year plan to increase annual giving throughout their constituency to its full potential.  This creative, hands-on session will demonstrate proven strategies for building an annual fund program that will help you to ensure your nonprofit raises dependable streams of essential annual income.

Major Gifts

Is your nonprofit organization receiving as many major gifts as you believe you should? Are they as large as they should be? This workshop will provide practical tips from experienced development professionals with over 60 years of experience securing major gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations and government agencies.  You will learn how to work with your board, executive director, staff and volunteers to identify and rate your prospects. Through this highly interactive session we will teach you how to successfully cultivate and solicit these prospects, how to train your board, volunteers and staff to become better solicitors and closers, and discuss how to design a stewardship program that is the key to the next gift.


Corporate and foundation grants are often the most cost-effective way to raise money for existing programs and new projects.  Grantsmanship is much more than just proposal writing. This workshop teaches you the art and the science of grantsmanship. In addition, we will discuss how you can capitalize on the opportunity to develop corporate partnerships and sponsorships. Participants will learn how to: research prospects and identify which programs and projects are most fundable, write letters of inquiry, prepare for meetings with grant makers and understand how to follow up appropriately.

Feasibility Studies

Are you ready for a major campaign? This informative workshop will help you to determine your readiness for a major fundraising campaign. We'll cover the three different levels of the planning and evaluation processes; specific activities that are typically used; and we'll address some of the common pitfalls that organizations encounter. You will learn how to clearly and concisely define campaign goals, and develop and test your case for support and statement of needs. Most importantly you will gain a realistic appraisal of your fundraising potential and a roadmap for achieving your goal.

Planned Giving Programs

A well-executed planned giving program is a significant building block in your development program.  However many small- and middle-sized nonprofits – and even larger nonprofits just beginning to expand their fundraising programs – don’t consider planned giving. Why? Because they believe a planned giving program is too complex for an organization of their size or experience.  This workshop takes the mystery out of planned giving. You will learn how you can create a planned giving program that offers your donors opportunities to make larger gifts. We’ll discuss how to help your donors take advantage of tax benefits the government provides to encourage charitable giving.  You will acquire the tools and expertise needed to effectively plan, develop and market your planned giving program.

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Board Development Workshops

Board Development

A sustainable nonprofit organization requires a governing board that understands its responsibilities. This workshop covers the full range of strategic and practical elements necessary for successful nonprofit boards. Over the course of this interactive and informative session, we’ll show you how to strengthen the depth and breadth of your existing board’s talents in addition to identifying and successfully recruiting new members. And we help you improve the dynamics between board and staff by clarifying the appropriate roles of each in the operation of your nonprofit.  Ideal for executive directors and board members who wish to better understand the workings of a nonprofit board. Intended for both board members and executive directors - bring one, and the other comes for half price! 

Board Training

Find out how to work with your board as a group and as individuals to make their efforts beneficial and rewarding. Learn how you can build commitment and create an effective and powerful board. This workshop will provide practical tips and  cover: assessing your board's strengths and weaknesses, cultivating and recruiting new board members, structuring board and committee relationships, delineating typical board and staff roles and responsibilities, making the most of board members' time and skills, and giving them a sense of satisfaction.

New Board Member Recruiting

Searching for new board members? Not finding the candidates you hoped for? Not sure what to do next? You’re not alone. This workshop will provide practical tips from experienced professionals who understand what you’re going through. You’ll learn how to take an organized rather than episodic approach to recruitment, ensuring that you have all the necessary skills and diversity on your board to truly be effective. We’ll cover how to assemble a board that provides governance, strategic, financial planning and oversight, and programmatic leadership.

Strategic Goal Setting and Planning

“Fail to plan and you plan to fail.” Strategic goal setting and planning is essential for every new nonprofit, and it can help get an existing organization back on track. Strategic goal setting and planning is tough and complex work, and most nonprofit Boards can’t go it alone. In this interactive workshop participants will learn the fundamentals of strategic planning, including the reasons to plan, who to involve in the strategic planning process, and the language of planning. We'll also discuss the possible outcomes and issues to be addressed during an upcoming strategic planning process, how to set your organization up for success and how to design a planning process to meet your organization's unique needs.

Board – Executive Director Relations

How should your board and executive director work smoothly together? Keeping this relationship clear and productive is one of the biggest challenges facing many nonprofit organizations. This informative and interactive workshop will help you understand the best way to maximize board and executive director effectiveness. You will gain tools to establish an environment that fosters open communication, accountability and cooperation between your board and executive director. This session will provide guidance on ways to distinguish between shaping policy and hands-on management. Find out how the executive director and board members clarify the board's role and strengthen its organizational capacity.

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Organizational Capacity Workshops

Gaining Organizational Capacity

Your nonprofit organization’s objective is to serve your mission and growing client base with maximum effectiveness in a rapidly changing environment. The impact of that changing environment may be severely stretching your nonprofit’s current internal capacity. Or it may be suggesting that your nonprofit needs to grow new capabilities in certain key operational areas. Learn the critical planning elements, participate in hands-on activities and gain practical tools to assess and develop strategies for strengthening your nonprofit organization’s unique internal capacities.

Financial Evaluation & Budget Management

In today’s world, nonprofits can’t afford financial missteps. Thorough financial planning, precise implementation and adequate oversight are essential not only to success but also to ensure regulatory compliance. This interactive and informative session will focus, on the following mechanics; reviewing your capital structure, developing a cohesive, detailed budget, analyzing your fundraising efficiency and cash flow, establishing quarterly benchmarks for both revenue and expense oversight, and structuring adequate financial oversight mechanisms. Ideal for executive directors and board members who wish to improve their understanding of financial management.

Marketing, Public Relations & Communications

Your nonprofit organization’s success is dependent on your visibility in the community. This session will help understand how you can raise your general visibility and reach specific audiences. This interactive workshop will help you define, understand, and communicate to your various constituencies. Then we review how to strengthen your entire package of communication strategies, including: brochures, flyers, annual reports, web sites, presentations and speeches, and other collateral materials. This workshop is an introduction to the marketing, and public relations process for those new to the sector, or newly responsible for setting their agency’s communications goals.

Operational Efficiency Analysis

Is the way your nonprofit organization works holding you back? Do your donors and funding agencies question your ability to provide specified results? If you answer “yes” to either of these questions, this workshop will identify traits in which you can evaluate your operational efficiency. This interactive and instructive session will focus, on the following evaluation processes: analyzing specific workflow processes, examining overall administration and operations, reviewing job descriptions and workload allocation.  Participants will leave this session with a draft plan to improve their NPO’s internal structure, processes and dynamics.

Program Development and Evaluation

Creating a solid plan for current and new program development is an essential step for molding a successful enterprise. This interactive workshop will help you lean how to examine your planning and programming needs, and identify areas that require attention. Participants will discover how to base your program development and evaluation strategies on these principles: identify what is important for your organization, make what is important do-able and manageable, create strategies, plans and processes to direct your work, and most importantly, design ways of working together that foster one team and one mission.

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